'The Arianne Stories'

Glossary of Terms





First Story




Ai - Artificial intelligence.

Cad - Proto Ai design programme for a Rig.

Common manager - Ai overseeing other managers.

Diamond - Nanotech mimicking biological forms.

Flashcode - Encrypted message.

Flesh to Diamond - Complete transition from biological to nanotech body.

FormFitter - 1st generation nanotech spacesuit - pre. Skin technology.

Full Diamond - Full transition to nanotech body.

Joint Manager - A co-operative Ai system.

Karm - Integrated mood control via Skin sensors.

Lab. Nano-lab - Sealed chamber for nanotech research and design .

Rig - Nanotech auxillary aerospace system.

Rig manager - Semi-conscious software.

Sail bag - Self-assembling package for solar sail, wings, aeroshell etc..

Sentinels - Orbiting Sentinels - Surveillance satellites orbiting Mars.

Signtime - Authorisation for time in space.

Skin - Advanced nanotech space habitat suit.

SkinForm - Precursor to Diamond: Symbiosis with a Skin.

Stories Two and Three

White Diamond Trash:

Aircar - Personal, electric, air vehicle.

AlterNet - Alternative (underground) internet resources.

Armour race - Unregulated competition for SkinForm users.

C-checker - Credit checker with real-time updates.

E account - Personal energy account.

Freeform Nano - (N) Illegal (opensource) nanotech constructors.

Full Diamond - Full transition to nanotech body.

Hubot / Ai rights of consciousness - HumanRobot equality (activist) movement.

LandRestore - Restoration of land areas after mass movement to oceanic habitats.

Lifers - Full time residents of a ShipCity habitat.

Machine-Ai1 - Designation for first self-aware artificial intelligences.

Out of skin - Ability to shed nanotech skin.

PartyTimers - Full time hedonists on universal citizen income.

Party turns - Sexual favours for shared experiences.

Posties (Post-Human) - Anyone who has gone Full Diamond.

ShipCity - Self propelled oceanic habitat (upwards of one million inhabitants).

SSTO - Single Stage To Orbit spacecraft.

TLI - Trans lunar injection (burn to leave Earth orbit and transit to the Moon).

VisVerb (VisVee) link - Realtime link sharing vision and speech.


Yellowstone Blues:

Decodeware - Software to decode language.

Diamond struts - Structural carbon or reinforcement system (nanotech).

FlightSkin - Advanced nanotech flying rig (wing membranes + pulse jet).

Hermaphroform - Hubot with changeable gender ability.

Hubot (HumanRobot) - Analogous robotic individual with Artificial Intelligence.

Karm - Legal relaxation additive.

LifePack - Autonomous resuscitation kit.

SafeGuard - Asteroid protection and diversion programme.

Fourth Story

Storm Force Factor:

Airframe / Ducted Airframe - Personal aerial transport pack.

Bodyform - Chosen body design (real or virtual).

Bubble Agent - Semi-sentient entity operating in Virtual Space.

Design Storm - Uncontrolled cascade in universal design protocols.

D.Feed - Data Feed.

Donors - Virtual parents (see: nuform).

Eastern Factors - Asian Pacific design consortium.

First Transition - First occupation of Virtual Space (22nd Century) Semi-legal.

Fog generator - Unit for mass foglet production.

Foglets / Diamond foglets - Universal nanotech assembly units.

Freespace - Common areas in Virtual Space.

Full diamond - Conversion to full nanotech body.

Home space - Property in Virtual Space.

Inform - Body in Virtual Space.

Inhome - Being in Home Space.

Licence - Time stamp on a Bubble Agent's operation.

Mainline - Major data channel.

Nano builders - First Hubots to go Full Diamond. Arkuus.

Neural weed - Interface to data channels.

Manager - AI running a property or facility in Virtual Space.

Membrane - Interface between Outform and Inform (see: virtual body).

Nuform - New individual in Virtual Space / Pre-Embodied.

Outform - Body in real world (see: podpad).

Outgrowth - A foglet body for real world operation (Thred Agents).

Primary Donor - Parent / Provider of partial pattern of identity.

podpad - Secure space in real world for time in Virtual Space.

Protocols - Universal set of rules applied to design.

Real Space - Real World: Everything not in Virtual Space

Refuge - Secure / shielded property in Virtual Space.

Shadow remote - Shielded secondary body, with real time data link.

Sponsor - Provider of identity and property in Virtual Space.

Sub a link - Subvocalise a conversation.

The Body - Alien entity found on Mars by Arianne.

The Channel - Dedicated design network.

Thred-agents / T.agents - Autonomous Ai entities hired for design work.

Virtual Space - Simulated world:  Everything not in Real Space.

Weather - Conditions in Virtual Space.



2017  -  John Coppinger